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We think that the time has come for a BODY POSITIVE Revolution!

The time is now! Please stand up and Join us!

We have always thought of ourselves as,

Sexy –Lovable –Intelligent – Noticeable and Kind,

It is the mainstream media that has not been kind to us, and in doing so has made us feel invisible and not worthy.

Well, we are happy to see that the naysayers have finally come to their senses, thanks to the hard work and persistence of countless beautiful, curvy women that have been fighting in the shadows for so many years.

Well, now the light is on. We have curvy super models. We have curvy, intelligent women that are shining so brightly the shadows have diminished.

This is a call to action to all of you out there! It is your time to shine! You are Beautiful.

Join us in the Body Positive Revolution and step into the Light and Say